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Punkapocalyptic, Wellcome to the Wasteland

"When oil and water became scarce, and economic crises occurred one after another, the wars ravaged the world. There were riots, bombings, insurrections and massacres.

It was then when governments and large corporations realized that the problem was not the system, if not there were too many people in the system. Then, Babylon project began: seven huge walled cities will be built, offering refuge to a 5% of the world population, enough to keep its economy and standards of living. Inside the walls, the consumer society continued to enjoy the best food, clothing, entertainment and the most advanced technology. Surrounding these cities, miles of mines, automated turrets, and all that military technology offers to keep out the rest of the world. Out of the Megalopolis there is the Wasteland, where disease, hunger, pollution, and struggles for scarce resources have left the bulk of the world population decimated. The ancient cities are completely destroyed and natural environment devastated.

At present day, the most of humanity lives in a broken world, where bullets, gasoline, the remains of the Megalopolis and brute force are the only currency. According to the shortage of energy sources and the means to create anything, technology has been reduced to the most basic tools, the inhabitants recycle all remains that they can find from a better age or what the elites left discarded behind the walls. The ruins of ancient cities and small fortified settlements concentrate small communities that try to succeed , while countless gangs of mobsters roam the Wasteland, looking for resources or seizing them by force. Mutated monsters inhabit areas where nobody would survive, quirky individuals specialize to recycle debris of technology or cults to diverse gods proliferate."


So the guys from Bad Roll Games introduce us in the universe of his game, Punkapocalyptic. If you've played Fallout and loved the challenge of traveling the Wasteland, if you enjoyed the novels or videogames based in Metro 2033 fiction, exploring the subway tunnels inhabited by whimsical characters and using cartridges as currency, or you are a fan of movies like Mad Max, you'll love this game. Punkapocalyptic captures the essence of the best productions of post-apocalyptic backgrounds and combine them to create a gaming universe, while not exudes originality but it is able to surround the higher expectations of the enthusiastic of stories set in the fall of modern civilization . The game universe offers all the attractions of the genre, the deployment of a vast and devastated shadowy world, destroyed by ancient wars, populated by bizarre survivors and an entire environment hostile to human life, the legend of the fall of civilization and the existence of mythical civilized cities and endless mysteries of a past world that has laid the scorched earth with remnants of its former glory.

The gameplay is based on the use of 10-sided dice and the opposing dice rolls. As we have seen in other games, usually the characters add their values ​​of features and equipment to the roll of a 10 side die to compare results with adversaries or events that affect them. Whoever gets the best result, is who wins the roll. There are also attribute rolls, which result must be less than the given amount of an attribute plus the corresponding modifiers; if any (for example, if a character has agility 5 and +2 modifier to the action  you want to perform, to succeed you should get a 7 or less on a d10).

 It´s a simple system in essence, although many variables that change rolls, which initially will force us to consult our reference sheets with some frequency. But since the game is based on little miniatures gangs clashes, once mastered the system you won’t have any difficulty and offers many possibilities of cinematic action (climbing, jumping, interact with other characters, covering actions, etc ...).

The action is divided into Game Turns, where players will activate their miniatures in order of agility, from highest to lowest. Each turn is divided into different rounds of agility, which all models with the corresponding agility will act (for example, first all having agility 4, then you have 3 and so on until all the characters have been activated ). If there are multiple characters on both sides with the same value of agility, players roll a 10s die and who gets the best result, will choose whether active first or allows his opponent to activate his character. This operation should be repeated if there are models with the same values ​​in other rounds of agility.

Once the first character who acts first on the round agility is established, it starts his actions round. Each character has a specific number of actions (usually two), you can invest in basic actions such as moving, shoot, attack, climbing, etc ...

Ranged attacks and melee attacks are resolved by d10 rolls, ranged attacks are performed using the attribute PRECISION to which should apply modifiers depending  of the weapon used (range, special features, etc). Once the target it’s impacted, the damage is determined by a opposed roll, weapon’s strength against the target hardness. This roll will be modified by the breakthrough of the weapon and armor of the target (coverage, etc).

In a melee, the roll to hit will be faced with the rival’s combat attribute and will be modified by the use of weapons and other special abilities. The roll to wound follows the same mechanics as in the shooting attacks.

The gangs are organized in a simple way, each tranche of 100 points allow us to add up to 3 miniatures, and standard game plays round up 500 points.

This whole system is at the service of the missions. Most of them are based on the achievement of objectives or removal of troops, so far so usual (find supplies, eliminating a number of opponents, explore an area, etc). Some of the objectives are flamboyant, for example, on the mission HUNTING, players must hunt down some strange rodents whose skin is highly regarded in the wasteland, which are represented by markers that are moving randomly around the pitch, so the image of tanned and hardened gangsters trying to chase mutant rabbits is quite comical.

Finally we have the gangs. Currently there only two factions, the Mobsters and the Mutardos, but the background makes it clear that this world is populated by a lot of factions (scrap dealers are another faction forthcoming), some as mysterious as the forces of the Compass. Little to say about the two factions allowed, the first is composed of human survivors hardened and violent that survives providing services as mercenaries or "security mobs" to small settlements, or assaulting the assholes who dare to travel without protection through the Wasteland. The second faction are the unfortunate and dangerous creatures that have suffered the ravages of harsh environment that has become his world, providing them with horrifying and amazing skills; repudiated for the non mutated humans, they bring together in groups to protect themselves of  hunting launched by other human factions.

And that's all, just a brief introduction to a game plenty of reminiscent of great landmarks of the genre in the world of miniatures, as Necromunda, but with a game system more actual, if not so original background, too consistent and interesting, with many possibilities and excellent quality character design.

As a final note, the creators invited to play their game with miniatures of other brands (even in official tournaments) but seeing the fantastic miniatures that have specifically developed for their game ... if you love the genre, you will certainly want to use them in your Punkapocalyptic games ;)

We leave the link to the Bad Roll Games webpage, where you can download the rulebook and all the additional equipment needed to play.

If you dare to go into the Wasteland, do not forget to take bullets. But let some apart, sometimes is more useful to carry some in a pocket than prepared in your ammunition clip ;)

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