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CONFIGPACKS, in Mirmidonia we make you easy ;)

Mirmidonia has always worked to offer you the best service and the best prices on our items. The ConfigPacks was born with the same idea in mind; we developed a product with a higher discount than we offer in isolated items at a fixed price, but it offers you the chance to choose which items you want to introduce in this pack, beneficing a better discount.
The first experience with ConfigPacks was with Infinity, two years ago. Given the continued success of this product, we have incorporated to ConfigPack system other ranges such as Batman BMG and X-Wing. Other ranges of miniatures will be incorporated into the system in the future.

The dynamism of this product lies in its many versions and their own configuration items. There are several versions of ConfigPacks, with different configurations, so you can combine several of them to make your purchase, bearing in mind the utility will have for you the miniatures you will acquire. Configure a ConfigPack is extremely easy, as you just have to choose the products from the listed price ranges and acquire the ConfigPack, indicating us what products you have added to it. In all packs you can read the easy instructions to configure your pack.

An example of how you might set up a fully customized ConfigPack:
For example, you can purchase a ConfigPack Inicio 1.1 of Infinity; consisting of the following items:
Infinity Starter (RRP 39.95)
Box unit (RRP 27.95)

You could include in this starter pack Haqqislam Hassassin Bahram (RRP 39.95) + a box of Hassassin Muyibs (RRP 27.95)

Or you could choose two boxes of different factions, such as the generic PanOceania starter (RRP 39.95) + a box of Interventors of Tunguska (RRP 27.95)

Whichever you choose, provided that correspond to the price ranges indicated in each version of ConfigPack, you'll benefit from indicated discount an you always know the price at which you will purchase those items. Combining various configpacks can purchase all models that interest you for your army at a better price. It also help new players, as all our packs are designed to be functional.

On the other hand, Mirmidonia offer personalized advice to all those who want to introduce you to Infinity, either through our ConfigPacks or buying the items separately. We were born with the vocation to offer a personal service to you, in the style of a physical shop and continue holding it, because it's brand of our store and we know that is what you, our customer, deserve. 

You can find our configpacks on the Packs and offers section of our web:

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