lunes, 26 de enero de 2015


He had no name. It was a Genin; just a shadow in the night, fluid movements and poachers. He didn’t exist.
But he would kill the Daimyo Hiraka. That was his mission. And he never failed a mission.

Perched atop the the fortress roof, he could see the guards move down there. He Took days watching; placed in position, hidden from prying eyes, analyzing routes, changes of the guard and even how each of the men formeing the body of sentries moved. He had memorized all this data and was now ready to attack.

Covered under the cloak of a darkness without moon, the Genin down the roof with feline skill and flowing like water, killed the first guard with his wakizashi and hid the body behind some baskets. He walked through the terraces and balconies, dodging guards with ease, knowing at all times where I would be. In less than two minutes he stood before the door of the room the Daimyo. He knew the floor of the room had been made in the style "nightingale floor" so that even with his "cat feet" couldn’t avoid crunches betray him. But He had many resources, so He was one of the best Genin of his clan.

The Lord Hiraka, owner of the castle, was squatting, deep in meditation. Hiraka was a great samurai, a fearsome warrior and a respected leader. He knew Hiraka had chances to defeat him in honorable combat. But that was not his style, the Genin would not give any chance for his prey. Crouched on the beam, as a sinister Shinigami of darkness, He was watching the back of the Daimyo. The shuriken came from one of his pockets and flew from his hand with deadly accuracy, to dig into the nape of Hiraka. The poison that permeated was so powerful that when the body of Daimyo touched the ground, echoing the "nightingale floor", he was already dead.
A big fuss was formed when the sentries came in a rush from a secret side door, ten seconds later. But when they arrived, he was no longer there. In the room there was only the body of a dead man. Another objective accomplished.

Kensei, skirmish game inspired in Feudal Japan.

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