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hunters Hunted, Infinity

Hunted hunters

Master Eagle: This is Master Eagle, progress report, Metal groups report.

Metal 01: Metal01 reporting hostile contacts incoming from the main road. Light Infantry, supported by two IP's ISC: Invincible. Requesting permission to intercept.

Master Eagle: Permission granted, Metal 01 sigma115 neutralize contacts on location sigma115 and retrat to extraction point Alpha.

Metal 01: Metal01 engaging, two hostile eliminated, the enemy retreats. Persecution initiated.

Master Eagle: Affirmative, Metal01, go on...

Metal 01: Master Eagle, this Metal 01, we have lost communication. Metal01 invasion of the data network, communications banned! Changing to squad  radio communication. All Metal 01 operatives, change of plans, guys, let the hell out. At the point of extraction, go, go, go!

Metal02: ... metal02, we are under attack ... You can see them, Nimrod?… OMG!

Metal 01: Metal02, this is Metal01, give your location, Mike!

Metal02: ... ffering casualties,we  can’t see them, damn ... Metal01 are in ... we lost the Tag !!! FUCK HELL, THEY  BLOW OUT THE SQUALO !! Heavy fire from above, keep it down !! ...

Metal 01: Metal02, your location, dammit!

Metal02: Metal01 confirmed presence of heavy troops with Thermal-optical camouflage gear. We have caught! dammit! Need ...

Metal 01: Metal02, answer Metal 02!

Metal 03: Here Metal 03 What is going on? We have lost contact with the rest of the detachment. And squad  radio don’t give us range to communicate with other teams, you must be on the other side of the block.

Metal 01: Metal03, meet us at the extraction point, Metal02 is down, confirmed the presence of Hac Tao troops with heavy weapons, do not have access to the data network, they have hunted us 

Metal03: Ok ... Metal03 in retreat. Where are those Multispectral viewers support when they are needed?!

From Metal01 Squad, 12st Bolts Battalion, during the raid over Orbital 42, Paradiso.


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