miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015

Carnevale, the most dangerons Venice.

These nobles are crazy. And they are very dangerous. Beware of contradicting a patrician !! I’ve been a Venicean Guard more than 15 years and I have witnessed such acts of depravity that have made me want to vomit. Even I have been obliged to carry out the orders of some degenerate patrician, Damn them a thousand times!.

I also tell you, the raids of the nobility, who perform nightly hunts, are barbaric and Guard should not allow, nor to support it. But if you think this is the most dangerous thing you will find in the streets of Venice, you are very wrong. Since the appearance of the gap in the sky, when everything went to hell, lurks over the streets of Venice things that should not exist. Things, I assure you, would leave you white of fear. Venice is at war, sir, a war which I assure you will not look like anything we find seen.

Lord, if you go into Venice, do not forget to carry a sword. And a crucifix, if you understand me. Innkeeper! Another round!


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